Blockchain Development

Technology makes prodigious differences in life

With the rapid development of 5G network technology, quantum computers, Blockchain technology, AI, VR, etc., more changes can be seen in many aspects of human life. .

Since the advent of technology, people have changed a lot about perception, structure and quality. In particular, the modernization is increasingly clearer – life becomes easier than ever. Even from home, people still know what the world is going on or buy food, book a plane ticket,  and so on, with just one touch. This means that technology has made a lot of differences in life.

Technology has promoted products and services in different industries and changed a series of traditional business models. First, for banks, virtual assistant application – ChatBot is available 24/7 on social networks, Napas with domestic card digitization service and online money transfer, etc. Banks are gradually being converted to an integrated model of electronic banking services.

Customers can use bank services anytime, anywhere. Additionally, technology also helps banks simplify procedures and reduce documents. Banking segment is more effective thanks to the faster information flow, monetary flow and banking services as well as clear paperwork and highly transparent processes.

After banks, retailers have also quickly shifted their business models. Many businesses have started developing virtual stores, creating a trend of trading goods via the Internet. Some are shifting towards technology tools to support long-term registration, virtual assistants, robots, etc. to meet consumers’ demands.

Artificial intelligence is quickly applied

Currently, many retailers have applied artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in their supply chain. At the same time, with the desire to conquer the retail industry, businesses have become more active: learn more about consumers via technology and social networks (Zalo, Facebook, etc.) Therefore, retailers are also interested in building a multi-channel shopping system, which integrates multiple forms of shopping at the same time.

Not only business, technology also makes a lot of differences in the education sector, the focus is the teaching method. Young teachers and lecturers quickly get acquainted with the information system, especially valuable and free online information. These materials help teachers teach more effectively, improve the ability to interact and learn.

Besides, a series of digital learning content enables students to choose the learning content to suit their goals. Learning softwares also help assess and provide quick feedback on a person’s learning performance.

Artificial intelligence is quickly applied to gather and analyze the information available which is greatly useful for learners and teachers. From here, each student will have a separate learning path.

Teachers will also begin to move from a lecturing role to supporting students in developing useful competencies for their individual learning goals.

Along with artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology will also help learners to experience and gain skills better than before. Therefore, experts expect that 4.0 education will realize the desire of customized programs in order to follow the individual development roadmap.

Improve their competitiveness in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Nowadays, it can be said that technology is an indispensable part of life. It is technology that has made life more colorful, enabled us to approach developed regional or global economies.

Therefore, in order not to be left behind, individuals and businesses need to have a global mindset and keep evolving to catch up with the trend of technology development; thus, they would improve their competitiveness in today’s fiercely competitive market.

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