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NEETEK applies blockchain to the global one-touch payment transaction

With blockchain platform, NEETEK develops an authentication solution which makes trading fast, simple and safe by one-touch payment. That will offer convenience and comfort to users.

In order to achieve the highest interaction for citizens 4.0 as well as to build a modern life, NEETEK has signed an agreement with Ecoworld Inc. on the research, development of applications with Blockchain technology. Accordingly, on blockchain platform, NEETEK and Ecoworld will jointly develop and promote the formation of one-touch technology innovations in optimizing digital interactions into 2 Apps: EcoGo and EcoTouch.

Ecoworld’s Blockchain technology and ecosystem

According to the agreement, with Ecoworld’s Blockchain technology and ecosystem, the two parties will jointly provide solutions for authentication to help businesses operating in the fields of Real Estate, Technology, Finance, Media and Retail. These services can use resources easily to develop and exploit one-touch applications. That includes check in, check out, buying tickets / vouchers / codes / cards / and so on, with personal identification platform through KYI – personal ID.

This is also one of the outstanding features of EcoTouch and EcoGo, helping individuals, organizations and businesses save time, organizational costs, and management work. All activities will be based on one-touch technology, managed by blockchain platform to optimize real-time and absolute privacy.

Blockchain allows the distribution of digital information, but it is not copied, creating the basis of a new type of Internet. It is a reliable ledger that records transactions or incidents. Working on the principle that spreadsheets are duplicated thousands of times on a computer network, but are managed by a set of distributed computer resources that work together to maintain the ledger.

Therefore, the development and application of blockchain in one-touch payment transactions is also one of the encouraged development solutions to accelerate the cashless payment – the future trend of borderless banks.

NEETEK also expects that the application of blockchain in one-touch payment

The deployment of blockchain technology in one-touch payment is also a new step of NEETEK and Ecoworld, optimizing business management and payment infrastructure.

In addition to using this technology quickly and conveniently, NEETEK also provides users with new experiences, enhancing the knowledge and importance of technology in payment and storage methods.

In addition, NEETEK also expects that the application of blockchain in one-touch payment can help businesses in the fields of finance, banking, e-commerce and retail to develop new business models based on existing databases, while enhancing the security, transparency, and accuracy of transactions on the sales system.

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