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5 accelerating technology trends in 2020

Each year, the world will see different innovative technology trends. By 2020, experts predict that there will be five explosive technology trends: 5G Network, Quantum Computing, Blockchain Technology, AI and Virtual Reality.

These are the foundations that determine the development of future technologies, helping to accelerate and transform many industries and shape the digital world.

#1. 5G network

The world began to receive 5G network in 2019 which offers high speed and allows the construction of seamless Internet of Things systems. However, 5G deployment is not really comprehensive in many countries, which are still in the testing process.

However, that will change in 2020, as more carriers begin to deploy 5G network technology. Vietnam also has a specific plan to deploy a 5G network in 2020.

The vendors will not only produce terminals, but also launched many 5G-enabled smartphones. If in 2019, 5G network appears only in a separate variant of high-end phones, then in 2020, 5G will appear more common on many phone lines, reducing the delay between devices.

#2. Quantum computer

Quantum computers are a new paradigm in computing, with significant benefits in solving problems with large amounts of data or customization. Users can address different problems at the same time.

With impressive computing power, in the near future, quantum computers will be more like a cloud service than a desktop computer. Therefore, the race of creating a quantum computer based on quantum technology is still happening on a daily basis in order to be able to apply to commercial services at affordable and reliable prices.

At present, quantum computers are still one of the attractive technologies for scientists, organizations and governments who have gathered many resources to develop in recent years.

#3. Blockchain technology

Blockchain is considered a breakthrough invention in the wave of industrial revolution 4.0. It is seen as an important platform for digital transformation and building a breakthrough IT system in the future.

Blockchain has the ability to share information and data transparently according to time authentication, ensuring high storage space and high security, so it can be widely applied in many industries and fields.

This is also the technology that can maintain human trust in the globalized world. When dealing, the two parties directly connect with each other, no need for 3rd party authentication. This makes transactions faster and safer, because when you want to add or change any data, it is recorded and has to go through a series of validation processes.

#4. Artificial intelligence AI

Artificial intelligence is an industry in computer science. Humans program with the goal of helping computers automate intelligent behaviors like humans, thinking and reasoning to solve problems, communicating by understanding languages, voices, learning and self-adapt …

However, AI will process data at a larger scale, more scientific and faster than humans. Experts strongly expect AI to be used in surgeries to improve innovation and new precision in operating rooms.

Currently, AI has been researched and created by many famous technology companies, helping to solve many problems that humanity has not solved.

#5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology enables people to feel the virtual space in the most realistic way thanks to the attached devices. This technology also helps people interact with reality through gestures and many different senses such as auditory, olfactory and tactile, etc.

Currently, virtual reality technology has become extremely powerful. In the last 2-3 years, in the US and Europe, this technology has become a key and diversified application in many fields such as research, education and training, real estate and commerce, entertainment and even in the military field, etc.

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